Happy Birthday, Miss 27

I need to write this before the clock strikes 12.

Thank you for all the SMS and messages in Facebook. The first SMS came at 12:40am while I was already fast asleep. Then I spent some time after brushing my teeth to reply to all the SMSes that accumulated while I was sleeping. I already feel like a celebrity!

Wore a dress to work, not like the usual Grace you see at the office. It’s my birthday so it’s got to be special. There was already a present on my desk when I got there. So nice.

I was surprised that some of them knew that it was my birthday. Then, someone spent me lunch. A colleague that I got to know very recently so I wasn’t expecting that she’ll do such a thing and it was really heart warming. We had Japanese food.

During mid-afternoon, the reception called me on the phone to inform me I’ve got a letter from City-Link. Pappy sent me a card and he sent it to the office. My pappy is sweet and romantic and the card that he sent made me laughed so hard when I opened it at home. There was a picture of 2 birds. One was standing on the ground. The other is sitting on the clothes line with a computer and wore a shirt that says “I love my computer”. The one standing on the ground asked the bird on top “What are you doing up there?”

When you flip open the card, the bird on top replied “I’m on LINE!”

Did you get the joke? My Pappy is being sarcastic by saying I’m always online…on the computer.

The day continued with more SMS and I’m seen checking the phone from now and then.

Another friend who is working at another office tower where I worked gave me a present too. A computer cover and an UMBRELLA. At first, I thought it was her own umbrella since it was raining so when she said it was for me, I was kinda shocked. Haha. It’s the transparent kind and she told me it’s customised. When I opened the umbrella at home, I can’t help but smile. I’ve never seen anyone customise an umbrella in this way before. There are 4 heart shape on the top of the umbrella…little hearts. Then on one side of the umbrella, Β it wrote “Nenek, I love you”. She calls me nenek because we used to rant a lot at work at my previous workplace. And I know she cut those alphabets to make those words. Hand-made.

Luckily I brought down my car keys because I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want to bring the umbrella back to the office where everyone will be looking. So I went to the car and put the present before I went back up to the office. hehe

Then, I had dinner..also Japanese with two other colleagues, whom I call friends. A little cake and good company for the night.

Thank you guys! I’m very happy and touched! πŸ™‚


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