And Then…There is Light!

Last night while I was working on the new theme for this blog,  (YES, AGAIN! I don’t know why I’m putting myself through this pain.) the fluorescent light started flickering. This means it’s time to get it changed which isn’t something I like to do. Since there is no one around to help me, I continued tweaking on the new theme under flickering circumstances and vowed to myself that I’ll get it sorted out tomorrow morning. I cannot live with a flickering light because my house is not a disco place.

This morning when I woke up, without even brushing my teeth, I grabbed the ladder which I think is dying to show its true potential after lying against the wall for months. As I climbed up the ladder, I noticed the view up there wasn’t very nice. This is supported by sweaty palms that I developed while I was positioning the ladder to stand at its best with a wardrobe and table in its way. I went up and down twice before I found the right coordinate.

Nevermind that the view up there wasn’t very nice, I spent some time up there figuring how I would balance myself with 2 hands on the fluorescent light and 2 legs on the ladder. So I tried to do it with one hand on the fluorescent light and the other holding on to the ladder. And because this fluorescent light comes with a cover, I had to remove the cover before I can get to the light. The amazing thing was that I managed to remove the cover with just one hand. Ta da!!!

One down.

Suddenly it came to my mind that I used to see Pappy changing the glow starter instead of the whole light. Sometimes the problem lies with the glow starter so I climbed down again and went hunting for a glow starter. I’ve got quite a few and I don’t know which one works and which doesn’t. Took a few to try it out but I still don’t see light.

The bad thing about doing this alone is each time I get something off, I have to climb down, put it down somewhere and make the climb again. And this is the time you wished you had someone to help you, at least to stand at the switch so that I can order that person to switch the light on or off so that I could test if it’s working. This is usually my role when Pappy does the hard work. And the extra service that I’ll provide to Pappy is to hold on to the ladder while he’s on it for extra support, physically and emotionally. the problem lies with the light. Managed to remove it with just one hand. I’m starting to feel impressed with myself already.

Two down.

The tough part is here now but I shall prevail. I still have sweaty palms and I keep wiping it off with my shirt. I found a way to feel safe up there. I put one leg on a lower rank and one leg on a higher rank of the ladder. It’s safer than putting both legs on the same rank. I don’t know why. And that’s how I did it. It took a few tries to get both side of the light up because the first few tries was either I got the left side up and the right side still down or the right side up and the left side which was up and now is down. Urgh!

It’s time to see how well I’ve scored.

Turned on the lights.

Still nothing.

Went back up and twist twist again.

Still nothing.

Went back up again and twist until I can feel the connection between me and the light that we have the same level of understanding.

Now it works.


I thanked Mr.Ladder and complimented on the great performance it showed and put it back where it belongs.

Now that I’m writing this and enjoying the view from below of a glowing light, I just realised I forgot to put on the cover. HAHAHA. damnit.

Happy National Day, Malaysia! 🙂


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