I’m having this sudden attack of dry cough since last night. I have this tickling sensation in my throat and I cannot stop coughing. My voice is now coarse and whenever I cough, it affects my tummy, it doesn’t really hurt but coughing is using my stomach muscle….and I’m always hungry today.

Coughed my way through while I was watching the Uber cup finals. Awesome fighting spirit by the Korean team. I LIKE!!

It is getting better now by the night because I’ve been drinking a few glass of hot water. Took honey as well. I’m going to take another spoon of honey before I head to bed.

*cough cough*

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  • silent_one says:

    Take good care of yourself, Grace. Weather nowadays are getting hotter/weirder by day….and yes, drink more water. It works like a miracle 🙂

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