Stiff Shoulders

It’s not a good week for me, health wise.

Been coughing a lot and real hard because I wanted to get all the phlegms out as soon as I can. The only good thing is I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO SPIT OUT PHLEGM. Throughout the years, I’ve only blown my nose to get rid of them, it’s not easy because most of the time, it appears at the throat when you want it out so badly. So, here I’m announcing that at the age of 28, I finally learned the art of spitting my own phlegm…that is after many failed attempts that resulted me having to vomit a little.

Aside the stomach muscle that hurts, my shoulder hurts now too. It just suddenly came and strike me in the office in the afternoon. Came back home and had dinner but eating was painful because shoulders were hurting even more. Just doing nothing hurts too…to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore, I drove out alone to get myself a Yoko-Yoko. I love the burning sensation and the pain has subsided a little.

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day. I’ve been looking like crap for the past 2 days. I’ve been going to the toilet a lot too. Every 30 minutes, I’ll be walking in and out of the toilet just to throw out phlegm. I cannot believe I went out with the hair that I have today. It’s a bad hair day. Half of it looked normal, the other half looked like a worn toothbrush. But because I’m not well, I didn’t really care. When you are sick, I think it’s best to look sick.

Been watching a Korean series – Cinderella’s Stepsister. It’s a bit confusing and difficult to understand at the beginning but I guess that’s what drove me to follow through it. That will be what I’ll be doing until I finish the series. 20 episodes altogether and I just finish Episode 9.

I’m thankful to have Iris cooking dinner for us since I got sick this week. Ada soup lagi tu.

dongsaeng, saranghaeyo.

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