I Cook. I Stretch.

I’m happy with my cooking progress and sticking to my daily crunches and stretching exercises. My daily routine now is to think of what to cook tomorrow and make sure I have the ingredients available when I come home from work. The daily challenge I’m setting for myself is to cook a variety of food. For example, if I had to cook eggs two days in a row. One day has got to be steamed egg, the other fried. I must have vegetables so it’s either stir fried or made with soup. And if time doesn’t permit, it will be a combo. Vegetables with meat in a dish. I don’t mind one-dish meal if I were to eat alone but because my sister is eating too, so I usually try to come out with a minimum of 2. On weekends when I have more time, I can have three, which includes a soup. I can only have porridge when I’m eating alone, because again my sister doesn’t like porridge. She doesn’t fancy soup that much as well but so far she has been drinking whatever soup I boil, not as much as me though but it’s fine.

I have never deep-fried in my life because I have a phobia with “jumping oil” and simply because I don’t know how to deep-fry. I don’t know when I’ll get to that part to learn how to deep fry. I think it’s easy, but I don’t really fancy fried food. kononnya sangat healthy.

One of my favourite food…tofu, which I think I’ll have it tomorrow. Cheap and nutritious.

Alright….time to go stretchy stretchy. 🙂


  • gracieq says:

    Good on you for the stretching and crunches part! You’re motivating me to start my yoga again too!

    As for deep-fried food, you don’t want the oil to be boiling hot, else the outer parts of your food is cook but not inside. Just make sure that the oil is hot enough without “steam” or boiling bubbles and you’ll get just nice deep-fried food. I usually let the oil drain from the food into tissue before I consume them. Good luck trying! :)

  • Grace says:

    thanks gracie for the tip! it will come in handy when I get to deep fry one day.

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