Prawny Prawny Night

I should be sleeping but I’m awake typing this while I wait for my Tupperware-full of prawns to defroze a little so that I could take some of them and store them in a smaller Tupperware for tomorrow’s cooking session.

It’s going to be Vegetables and Prawn Stir Fried + Carrot and Corn Soup tomorrow.

I’m very tempted to try my hands on Japanese Potato Salad this weekend.

*Short pause*

Okay, I just got back getting some of the prawns out. My fingers are frozen now and I killed a few prawns in the process, some with heads off, some with tails off because I forced them apart from the group of frozen prawns. I cannot wait anymore, I need to sleep. Hah!

They are still prawns anyway so…I guess it’s okay.


  • moooo says:

    should just use running water…. let the tap water run over it for 5-10 mins. faster than leavin it there to defrost on its own. abit of warm water might help too :)

    that way u wont have to deal with handicapped prawns :P

  • gracieq says:

    Maybe next time, when you get meat/seafood back from grocery, it’s a better idea to portioned them off before storing instead of thawing, take out the portion you want, and freezing the rest you don’t need?

    For instance, if you get a lot of meat, before freezing them in 1 big tupperware, just separate them into smaller tupperwares with portions meant for 1-2 people. Then, when you want to cook next, just thaw 1 small tupperware. It’s safer that way to ensure your raw ingredients don’t go bad. :)

  • mooooo says:

    hahahahaha started reading u sometime back… suddenly u sound so domesticated… :P

  • Grace says:

    thanks for the tips. I didn’t want to use running water because I didn’t want to defroze the whole tupperware of prawns. I would have separated them into smaller portions too but because it was done by mum previously so I had to deal with one big tupperware.

    the prawns are a bit soft after cooking. it doesn’t taste bad, just soft and not crunchy. not motivated to cook the rest of tha prawns that are still there. haha

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