The Rice Cooker

I came home and it was past the scheduled cooking time. I was torn between staying back at work to complete more work and coming home to cook.

And so I stayed back for another half an hour and came home preparing and cooking like a crazy lady.

I was very sure the rice cooker was cooking my rice because that was the first thing I did. So when I was done with the soup and veggie, feeling happy it’s done and I can get to eat now, the rice cooker was detected without a pulse. My heart dropped for a second.

It’s the electric cable connecting the rice cooker that was loose which was why the rice cooker failed me.

I went to the bedroom and lied down on the yoga mat, letting the fact sink in.

I had an appointment at 9 and it was 8.30 then. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I was sure I wasn’t going to have dinner, my own dinner.

I went to meet someone and had roti canai at the mamak, still feeling sad but trying to hide the story with a normal face.

The only comforting part is dinner is ready for Iris since she was back around 9. She left me some soup and veggie but by the time I came home, I was already full, not with roti canai but with lots of mixed feelings.

Why did I have to cook? Because of those prawns again. I cannot freeze them again after defreezing. And for some reason, they don’t taste great. And the soup, it took me a day to figure out why it felt like something is missing. I forgot to add the bloody salt.

I shall end this post with 3 bad words.


  • mooooo says:

    aww.. that 3 bad word is the best u can do? anyway u sound pretty down of late. find some time off.. go back to your hometown! fromwhat your write about u sound very happy when u r back home :))

  • Grace says:

    trip back to hometown will have to wait till Chinese New Year. My mood is unpredictable, depending on my surroundings and things that happen. I can be down today but happy the next day.

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