The Wedding

“Are you free to go to the wedding tonight?”

Pappy asked, which actually means “Can you come with me to the wedding tonight?”, or in other words, “You have to come with me to the wedding tonight”.

Knowing Pappy, when he asks you if you’re free, he’s actually expecting you to be free so yea….I went to the wedding with him. Something unplanned since I came to know about it at a very last minute.

It was a Malay wedding. I know it’ll be a grand one but it was more than that. It took my breath away. It was one of a kind.

There was a band that was playing some soothing music (pardon my lack of music knowledge to describe it specifically, I know there’s a term to the music being played but I don’t know what it is) at the cocktail reception. There were more Malays than Chinese like me so I felt a bit awkward in terms of dress code because most were wearing baju kurung and kebaya. I asked Pappy if the invitation stated any specific dress code for the ladies, he said no…it just said formal.

My little flowery dress and me felt relieved upon hearing that. I was expecting the wedding to start on time, not like the Chinese weddings that never starts on time. I was wrong. Dinner was only served at 9:30pm because we had to wait for the arrival of VIPs. It was ok because there was something about the atmosphere, the decor of the ballroom that excites me.

The moment I entered the ballroom, it’s pinkish. Dark pink lights shining from the ceiling. There were also cherry blossom trees placed along the aisle. It was free seating so we chose a table near to the exit/entrance. The moment I sat on the table. There were origami cranes on the table. A Japanese chest box for each of the guest and inside the chest box, there are 3 packets of Japanese nuts. I was so delighted in seeing the chest box and even more delighted knowing that I’m going home with it. 🙂

You seee….everything is just so nice.

Then, you can see on stage there’s the usual pelamin. What stood out was it was again infused with Japanese theme. There was a Japanese fan, Japanese curtains on the backdrop and Japanese plants on both sides of the pelamin.

The arrival of the VIP guests was accompanied with a Japanese tune and there goes the bersanding ceremony.

Dinner started off with maki sushi and miso soup. Nice! Next was rice served with beef, chicken, prawn and vegetables, all in one plate. Dessert was lovely. Green tea cheese cake and my favourite black sesame ice cream.

There was another band playing jazz throughout the dinner so I was very surprised when the emcee announced that Anuar Zain is here to sing too! I like that guy!!! He started with this first song…Sesucinya Cintamu. My heart terus melt because it was so nice. I love his voice.

This has got to be one of the nicest wedding I’ve ever attended.

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  • gracieq says:

    Wow, this is the first time I hear of a Malay wedding with a different twist! All the other Malay weddings I’ve attended are very traditional, especially in terms of food and favours. :)

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