The Hug

Pappy flew back today. It’s not the first time because he occasionally visits us. I used to cry each time he flies back when I was in college but those were the days.

Today was an exception and I don’t really know why. We hugged each other before he walked out the door. I went back to the kitchen to wash something as I watched Pappy getting on to his friend’s car who would get him to KL Sentral.

As the car drove on, my tears dripped down for no explicit or explainable reason at that point of time. I asked myself what’s wrong.

I held back the tears so it was only two drops from each eye. But now that I’m writing this, it’s more than just two drops.

Pappy helped fix the light. Maybe it would be deemed as something a father should do but it was more than what a father should do for me. I liked the way he insisted to get it fixed even though it was already late. It was a tricky one as changing to a new bulb didn’t work but he got it figured out the next day.

I guess I was thrilled because I have been using a dark bathroom for more than 3 weeks because I tried changing the bulb too but it didn’t work.

I’m grateful for him being supportive throughout these few days when I’ve been pretty worried about very petty things that do matter. He didn’t help me out on solving any of those but I knew he was encouraging me and sharing the courage I ought to have. That’s more than enough for me.

I love you, pappy.


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