The Eye

Went to have my eyes checked as I have been left with no choice but to get my spectacles replaced as it is not supporting me with the correct power since few years ago. Plus, I’ll be travelling soon and will be on the plane for more than 20 hours. I can’t be wearing my contact lens.

Reason why I never really get to get my eyes examined is because of fear. I have such high power, it not only scares me, it scares the others as well.

My power has increased after the test as expected and it has now hit 1100 and 1250 respectively. Certain contact lens brand has maximum of 900 only, so I have no choice but to switch to another brand that caters to 1200 and it’s double the price of my usual brand. My new specs cost a bomb too. I went for a really basic and cheap frame to make up for the high cost of my lenses. Pains me.

LASIK is ringing in my head but the earliest I’ll get that done is next year if I have enough funds and once my braces is off. That is if my eyes are suitable for such treatment.

I went to 2 optical shop. The first one told me my eyes are not stable and ask me to come back tomorrow. I didn’t like it and wanted a second opinion. I went to a smaller shop and the lady that tested my eyes was so patient and detailed. It wasn’t because my eyes were not stable but the eye strength was weaker on the left eye. 眼力 wasn’t good and the nearest translation I can get is eye strength, whatever that means.

She was kind enough to give me a pair of contact lens for free, to let me try out the increased power. And it looks like I’m going to have to buy because I can really see better with this contact lens. Buying a half year supply of contact lens and a pair of specs is costing me almost RM1k. Pains me even more.

I can only console myself that it’s a necessity and I need to take good care of my eyes.

People out there with no eye sight problems at all. I envy you because you guys are just so lucky!


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