That’s pretty much what my life is all about now for the past 2 weeks…and it may prolong till Christmas. I’m predicting that I’m going to work on the next public holiday. I’ve worked the past 2 public holidays so public holiday has been erased from my dictionary temporarily. It doesn’t feel that bad because I don’t hate what I do, I think I kinda enjoy what I’m doing, just trying to get as much things done as I can. Once I hit a certain time, I’ll tell myself to stop whether or not it’s completed and call it a day. Today’s exceptional because it’s time to sit down and write a bit.

I cannot believe it’s going to be the end of 2010 soon. That would mean I’m going to be one year older. 29 will be the figure. 30 feels so near.

I don’t have the urge of updating this blog daily. I used to be filled with ideas of what I would write. Sometimes when something happens in a day, I would tell myself, “I’m going to write about this tonight!” But then, it has been so many many days that I don’t find anything special to write about other than, I ate this, I went to that shopping mall, someone pissed me off today.

I need to get excited more, everyday.


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