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Yay! This blog is back to its true colour.

I can’t believe it’s going to be almost 2.5 years of me wearing braces. It is 1 year longer than expected. In some way, it doesn’t make any difference if I’m going to wear it for another year because it is already a part of me. Of course, I’d like to feel my teeth once again with my tongue instead of touching brackets andĀ arch wires. It’s going to be another Chinese New Year with braces unless my teeth co-operate!

My last visit to the dentist yesterday was a painful one. He put on a new wiring for me for the upper jaw to pull 4 front teeth downwards to close the gap between the upper and lower front teeth. It’s one thing I’ve been struggling with for the past few months. The wire has got a dent that forms the pressure to pull my teeth downwards. When the dentist was forming that dent, it felt like he was punching all of my front teeth all at once. The pressure of it all. I really started thinking if he’s going to break my teeth and my tears were starting to form because of the pain of the pressure.

Then, he said he wanted to do some fine-tuning to my front set of lower teeth. The word “fine-tune” just sounds so funny to be used in dentistry. The fine-tuning involved something that looks like a razor blade and he saw through the gap between two of my teeth. Then, another machine went into my mouth and did something unknown to me. This part was painless even though it sounded like it would hurt. What I know is this dentist never fails to surprise me. There are just so many creative ways of doing teeth.

Watched Harry Potter 7 – Part 1 and it just makes me want to re-read the book from Book 1 to the end so that I can fully understand each and every character. I’ve only completed Book 3 few years ago so I don’t know when I’ll find time to finish the rest. One of my favourite character is Dobby!

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