This is a term I learnt at work at a previous company.

Since the new year, I’ve been deleting “friends” that I don’t know in Facebook. Some of those friends are people that friends asked them to add me to become friends, to get to know each other, and progress to more than friends. The thing is none of these “friends” are making any moves so they are gone from my list.

Then there’s this blog subscription feeds that I have. A very long list. Too many to read that it makes me feel guilty that I can’t finish them. So in order not to have that bad feeling each time I open my Google Reader, I told myself I could read lesser so only the ones I like remains. We cannot read everything, right? Even if we wanted to.

Today I went through all documents/statements that I have, discarding those that I don’t need anymore or those that are from the past that really shouldn’t be around to take up space and I allow them to rest in peace in the rubbish bin. They are teared to pieces so I have been merciless.

I’m not there yet but I like that I’m taking baby steps to get rid of things I no longer need and get myself more organised.

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  • pelf says:

    I do that occasionally, Grace :D

    I remove people I don’t really know on Facebook (my account is more like for family and friends only, no space for strangers), Twitter (I’m more flexible with this, strangers can follow me as long as they’re not spammy) and Google Reader (I update my list with interesting blogs and remove those that have not been updated in the last 3 months).

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