2006 is Here!

How did I spend the first day of the new year?

Dashed to the kitchen at the strike of 12 and at the sound of thunder.Admired the beautiful fireworks both of One Utama and Ikano through the windows. It was quite a sight with the beautiful colours and the frightened crows who flew directionless. I was like a small girl, went “wah wah wah” with Mummy each time a new firework came alive.

Iris couldn’t stand it, she went, “Eh, please lar!”


It started off with brunch at Bandar Sri Damansara. Then, it was a date with Kong, at One Utama GSC Gold Class.

“Nice or not the movie?” Asked a mother after the show in the washroom.

The little girl didn’t say anything so I presumed she nodded her head.

“What happened to King Kong?”

“He die. Die on the floor.”

“Why did he die?”

“He fall down.”

Well, it was actually Beauty who killed the Beast. But I like the way she replied. Simple and not as complicated as “Beauty killed the Beast”.

It was raining then when we got out of the cinema but we still had somewhere to go and I wasn’t really sure why we are going there at the time of us going there.

We were at the Buddhist Maha Vihara, otherwise known as the Brickfields Buddhist Temple, for the Universiti Putra Malaysia Buddhist Society’s 40th Anniversary. I only discovered just now that my Pappy used to be an ex-President of the Society 23 years ago which was why we were there because he was invited to grace the event a little.

And since he was an ex-President, we were categorized under the VIP guests where everyone clapped their hands when we entered the hall ( I feel shy la! My first time becoming a VIP.) and we were seated at the first row.

I brought back some books that were on free distribution. Hopefully I would understand “The Purpose of Life” which was one of the books I took home with me.

Happy New Year!


  • irresistablyme says:

    Hi Grace!

    Wow, such a gorgeous website! I love it!

    Just want to wish you a Happy New Year!!! Here’s hoping the year ahead brings you a lot of joy and blessings. =)

  • Grace says:

    Hi irresistablyyou, thank you!

    Happy Happy Year to you! 🙂

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